The Gamekeeper's Daughter

Personal site of critically acclaimed chef and restauranteur

Jess Noy (aka The Gamekeepers' Daughter) is a critically acclaimed chef and restauranteur. She wanted her site to be interesting, colourful and aesthetically pleasing (just like her food!) She had already featured in several TV shows, newspapers, magazines and radio and gathered a strong following on social media. She needed a site to showcase all this success and attract more following, it also became a place for customers to book onto courses, sign up to her newsletter, direct them to events and show the latest menus.

Gamekeepers' Daughter - Home Gamekeepers' Daughter - Menu

The nature of Jess’ business allowed me to be creative and we worked together to build a brand using a custom font, hand drawn artwork and several logos. The menu designs needed to be flexible as she changes the menu every 2-3 weeks and often has themed events.

Gamekeepers' Daughter - Poster

The site has a twitter feed and instagram integration with JQuery galleries of newspaper and magazine articles as well as embedded videos and an audio player plugin for her radio interview. People can sign up for her newsletter and cookery courses using PHP forms, the newsletter is a html email with images and banners and fits the theme of the website.