Harry Rhys-Lewis

Online portfolio and CV of up and coming Graphic Designer Harry Rhys-Lewis - Projects page

Harry Rhys-Lewis has just finished a degree at Nottingham Trent University in Graphic Design. He has done several placements as well as doing freelance work for some music companies for gig and festival posters, html emails and a whole host of social media banners and images. He needed a site to help promote and showcase his portfolio and CV. He had plenty of sketches and mockups in photoshop and Illustrator but was not really sure where to go from there.

I set him up wordpress and showed him the ropes and then jumped into the PHP armed with his mockups and custom fonts to create the site and visual experience he wanted (also had to account for responsiveness as he had not overlooked it). I do not always like wordpress as a platform but it was perfectly suited to this blog like layout and gives him the flexibility to get more involved in the back end in the future.